Oppo opens world-first hotel concept

Powered by 5G network.

Following the launch of the Oppo Reno 5G smartphone in Australia, Oppo has launched the world’s first travelling 5G powered smart hotel – the Oppo 5G Hotel – to showcase real-world applications of 5G around the country.

Oppo Australia managing director, Michael Tran believes the faster speeds and lower latency provided by the 5G network will revolutionise smart connectivity and enable unprecedented applications and different user scenarios.

“5G marks a new era of connectivity that is set to revolutionise the way we use our smartphones and connected devices. Like any new technology, it’s about evolution and we can expect to see more new applications utilising the power of AR, VR, AI as well as a greater focus on mobile gaming.

“We know Australians are excited for the arrival of 5G, so we have built the ultimate live-in experience for consumers to fully immerse themselves in the advancements and innovations that come with the network.”

The Oppo 5G powered Smart Hotel is a 40 foot shipping container which has been transformed into a one-bedroom suite complete with the latest technology and smart home features.

The Oppo Reno 5G smartphone acts as the control centre of the accommodation, powering lighting and entertainment.

Key features include:

  • A 5G gaming suite for guests to game locally on the PC or leverage the 5G smartphone to access a library of games and play.
  • A smart mirror to connect smart devices, watch the latest news, get updates on stocks, read the morning newspaper, watch movies or get the ideal light for a selfie.
  • Google Home hub for guests to use their voice to control the lighting, play their favourite songs from YouTube Music, ask questions and get visual answers from Google.
  • Oppo AR apps showcase the power of the Oppo Reno 5G and network.
  • 5G connectivity to download, stream and watch content fuss-free

The hotel will be located on the Gold Coast until the end of August.

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