LG debuts Oz Connect

Its biggest standalone event here.

LG Electronics transformed the Australian National Maritime Museum in Sydney into a massive display space for Oz Connect – a showcase for the company’s newest business display solutions, presented to customers and partners in a two-day event.

Demand for commercial display has never been higher, LG marketing manager, commercial displays, Russ Prendergast said at a media presentation.

“Consumer interest, sophisticated technology and audience interaction with digital display has increased to an unbelievable level,” he said, with the global digital signage market expected to increase to over US$31 billion by 2023.

He said different industries with different needs often have the same goals and that is giving the right information to the right people, at the right time, and there are a lot of instances where it is being used to great effect.

“Recent local research suggests that digital displays are capturing 400 per cent more views than static displays. The way audiences want to see information and engage with visual tools is rapidly changing. Microsoft research found that digital signage users are more demanding than ever.

“Digital displays have become a critical component for all kinds of businesses and innovative B2B technologies open up creative new opportunities for the way we display communications visually and digitally.”

According to LG general manager marketing, Angus Jones, people don’t’ realise how much their everyday lives are influenced by the technology, which is showing everywhere from the stand alone café through to high fashion.

“However, if you look at consumer electronics retailing we don’t believe any of our retailers are using it, unlike so many other businesses that are into it in order to increase their sales,” Jones told Appliance Retailer.

He believes it is inevitable that retailers will take a closer look at new business display solutions. “For a major product launch, like our recent Signature Wallpaper OLED TV, we put 150 special displays in stores that were used as a centerpiece, so retailers are taking existing technology to draw customers in to see the latest products.”

He gave Rebel as another example, with video walls placed at the front of their stores. “Rebel are not just using it to get people into stores but selling the space on the screens to various vendors,” he said.

“If you think about the space within retail stores today it is a finite area and per square metre is a very important consideration. Over time we will see more retailers not having every product on display but screens will enable us to show these products to consumers.

“We are seeing smaller touch displays as a medium that can be updated to show off particular products but the reality of the industry is that we can portray a product more cheaply using a digital display, than having a person physically standing in the store, and this will be the way of the future.”

Included in the event were the Flexible Curved OLED displays for innovative digital signage designs; LG’s Transparent LG OLED 55-inch display was also previewed, ahead of its local release that allows customers to view video on the screen and simultaneously see objects behind the screen; the 130-inch all-in-one LED Screen with surface sound; ultra-narrow-bezel 55-inch displays that can be combined to create one impactful video wall; and for the first time in Australia LG unveiled transparent colour LED film which can turn a window into a transparent display.

LG has a commercial display centre in Sydney where customers can see for themselves how the technology will look in a business environment, including retail settings.


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