Anti-theft surveillance technology

Being introduced now.

A new generation of anti-theft surveillance equipment developed for retailers is being rolled out now by Checkpoint Systems.

The new technology, called the S20, is a radio frequency electronic article surveillance antenna (EAS) that can be incorporated into the physical design of a store.

Retailers across Australia are ramping up their efforts to increase profitability by introducing high end designer fitouts aimed at attracting more customers while also reducing the incidence of theft, according to Checkpoint Systems VP of sales, Mark Gentle. “The new technology is already delivering significant results for retailers,” he said.

“We are working with retailers and brands to align the EAS antennae with their new store concepts. By reconfiguring the electronics used in EAS, Checkpoint has blown open design possibilities, meaning retailers no longer have to compromise on the EAS antenna at the entrance and the overall store design vision.

For the first time in the history of EAS antenna, the unique configuration of the S20 allows the traditional ‘gate’ look to be replaced with a visually appealing, elegant, sleek design, he said.

By introducing this pioneering technology, Checkpoint has actively changed the dynamic, helping retailers balance loss prevention with aesthetics. Over and above its revolutionary sleek design, the S20 can be completed with custom finishes, textures and graphics to offer a wide choice of visual appearances. High impact LEDs deliver eye-catching accents to any store entrance and are available in a range of colours to complement brand identity.

It can be free standing, wall or door mounted. Remote service capabilities and data reporting help to improve up-time as Checkpoint’s engineers can continuously monitor the status, enabling issues and trends to be identified in real-time, ensuring the investment is performing efficiently.

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