Uniden releases 4K dash cam

With rear camera.

The latest addition to the Uniden iGO range, the iGO Cam 85R, includes ultra 4K resolution and a Full HD rear-view dash cam, with a 160 degrees ultra-wide viewing angle, for capturing incidents 360 degrees around the vehicle in detail.
The iGO Cam 85R is powered by a supercapacitor, providing a longer lifespan and wider range of operating temperatures than traditional lithium-ion batteries. It also provides enough backup power to ensure any recording in progress is stored safely before shutting the camera off.

Using the camera’s in-built Wi-Fi, footage can be uploaded directly to a smart phone via the Uniden iGO 85R app, allowing incidents to be replayed and shared immediately. GPS Geotagging and impact and motion detection technology provides accurate and detailed data, while Wide Dynamic Range captures clearer footage during night and daytime, which can be used as evidence to support insurance claims or police investigations.

Uniden has also released a new jump start kit, the UPP1000, for providing portable power and roadside assistance. Suitable for four-wheel drive petrol and diesel vehicles, the UPP1000 has a large start current (500A) and peak current (1000A), jump starting petrol engines up to seven litres and diesel engines up to five litres, multiple times on one charge. It includes smart clamp protection ensuring the vehicle’s battery doesn’t overload when charging. The kit can double as a portable powerbank for charging smartphones, tablets and other USB electronic devices, is waterproof with an IP67 rating, and comes with a powerful LED flashlight.

The iGO Cam 85R will be available in July and has an RRP of $349.95; the UPP1000 is $199 and is available now.

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