Miele gets more customer satisfaction

From reduced response times.

Miele has significantly increased its customer satisfaction score following the roll out of several new initiatives over the past 12 months. Technician response times had dropped, with average time now sitting at 4.5 days from a previous high of 8.7 days during 2018. Only 25 per cent of response times are now taking more than six days, from a high of 80 per cent.

Another area that was causing a big impact on customer service satisfaction levels was the amount of time it took for technicians to arrive, operations director, Mark Bateson said. “We have focused on implementing a number of initiatives to directly tackle this particular issue and are pleased to announce several notable improvements across the board.”

This included the implementation of Radaro, a new ‘uber-style’ platform that streamlines and optimises service networks during the ‘last mile’ of service delivery. Through Radaro, Miele achieves an average of 4.7/5 stars and over 80 per cent of customer ratings are 5/5 stars.

Miele has also added a further 30 service partners into its scheduling capacity to increase technician availability by over 300 jobs per week. The company now achieves a 99 per cent, seven-day response rate for immediate service calls.

New technology has also improved customer experiences by allowing them to also schedule service technician appointments online and with new warehouse openings in Brisbane and Sydney, Miele has a long-term goal of same day delivery in metro areas.

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