Hisense launches AR App

Compatible with mobile devices.

Hisense has released its first Augmented Reality (AR) App, Hisense Home AR, for AR compatible iPhone, iPad and Android mobile devices. The app is designed to make it easier for consumers to choose and purchase a Hisense consumer electronics or home appliances product. This allows for virtually trying before buying, ensuring a product suits and fits space and requirements.

The app was developed in partnership with the company’s R&D team here and an Australian app developer.

Hisense Australia head of marketing, Andre Iannuzzi, said: “At Hisense, we pride ourselves on innovation and customer service, and are always looking for ways to add value for our customers, providing them with the tools they need to easily find a product that is right for them. Our Hisense Home AR app not only gives customers everything they need to accurately measure how Hisense products will fit in their space, but also allows them to see what the product will look like with ultra-realistic detail, minimising the barrier to purchase.”

The app is supported by an in-built, AR-powered measuring tool that allows users to accurately measure their space in three dimensions, making a tape measure a thing of the past. The AR integration also means users can view a true-to-scale product in their space before purchase, review specifications and find their nearest retailer, all without having to leave the house.

The Hisense Home AR app is free to download and can be run on most smartphones and tablets, and is accessible now via the Apple Store or Google Play.

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