Apple unveils new software

Previews watchOS 6.

Apple has previewed a new look for the iPhone called Dark Mode which uses a darker colour palette for screens, views, menus and controls. This new iOS 13 software gives more vibrancy to foreground content against darker backgrounds.
Users can choose Dark Mode as their default interface style, and use Settings to make their devices automatically switch to Dark Mode when ambient light is low. It brings new capabilities to everyday apps such as photos and maps. Another feature gives Siri a new, more natural voice plus new shortcut with suggested automations for personal routines.

Apple also unveiled new health and fitness capabilities for Apple Watch with watchOS 6 that for the first time gives users access to the App Store directly on Apple Watch.

The company also announced it was replacing iTunes with a new Sidecar feature with three entertainment apps, Apple Music, Apple Podcasts and Apple TV. All will be available in September.

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