Panasonic launches premium multi-door refrigerator

Featuring state-of-the-art technology.

Panasonic’s new premium, multi-door 628 litre refrigerator has been designed for optimal food storage and user convenience with features including large compartment storage, Econavi sensors, PrimeFresh Freezing and nanoeX technology

Panasonic’s NR-F603GT has spacious, multi-compartments, foldable shelfs for tall items and fully extendable drawers to organise different foods according to preference.

Temperature-controlled storage zones for specific compartments helps keep food fresher for longer. The main refrigerator compartment offers a switchable chilled case to preserve dairy items and perishables by maintaining a temperature of approximately zero degrees Celsius and the PrimeFresh option softly freezes items at approximately minus three degrees Celsius. Food can be cut easily and cooked without the need for defrosting.

The independent, large-capacity vegetable compartment keeps fruit and vegetables crisp and fresh with double moisture control filters, which protect against dryness and the subsequent wastage.

The freezer compartment enables neat storage with an upper and lower case. Users can personalise settings with the touch screen electrostatic control panel that is only displayed when touched.

There are also seven intelligent Econavi sensors, which detect usage conditions and automatically optimise cooling performance and save energy by up to 16%.

Panasonic Australia product marketing manager for whitegoods and small appliances, Chasnyn Ousmand said, “Panasonic’s newest refrigerator offers Australians state-of-the-art cooling and food storage technology combined with a premium mirror glass door finish. We have developed the NR-F603GT in line with Panasonic’s goal of making food storage simpler and keeping items fresher for longer, all while using less energy.

“We are delighted to offer households a convenient solution through our considered multi-door design and sectioned compartments for optimal food storage. Families will also be happy to know that our nanoeX technology effectively suppresses more than 99.99% of bacteria and odours.”

Panasonic’s premium multi-door refrigerator, the NR-F603GT, comes in a mirror glass finish look for RRP $5,499 at leading consumer electronics retailers.

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