Nespresso rolls out coffee capsule subscription service

Makes an Australian debut.

Nespresso has introduced a new coffee capsule subscription service to its Australian customers with three subscription plans available based on individual coffee consumption habits.

Those who consume one pod per day will receive roughly 60 pods every two months for $50 (or $25 per month), those who consume two pods per day will receive approximately 60 pods every month for $50 and for those who consume three pods per day, around 90 pods will be delivered per month for $75.

Customers will receive 10% extra credit to put towards coffee or accessories, plus free standard delivery with every order of 50 capsules or more. Customers are also able to change or cancel their plan at any time with no fees attached.

The subscription plans are currently an online exclusive with a view to offer the plans in Nespresso boutiques later in the year.

In an interview with Appliance Retailer, Nespresso head of Oceania, Loic Rethore said the subscription service was an example of the company’s customer-centric approach and aim to provide the best customer experience possible.

“This is the first time we have offered coffee capsule subscriptions. It follows the roll out of our machine subscription service in late 2018, which has been very successful so far.

“Our subscription services are in-line with market trends with services such as Netflix and Spotify resonating extremely well with consumers. We know that Australians are early adopters of new trends and demand a seamless purchase journey.

“It is only early stages but we are confident this subscription service enhances the customer experience and delivers ultimate convenience.”


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