eBay launches its first print catalogue

To expand presence offline.

eBay Australia is taking an omni-channel approach to reaching its buyers by launching its first Australian print catalogue featuring brand new products including tech, kitchen appliances, fashion, toys, gaming and more, from some of Australia’s biggest retailers.

eBay has used the physical paper catalogue to showcase its 40,000 Australian retailers, demonstrating 90% of what’s on eBay is brand new. There will also be a digital shoppable version of the catalogue on site from next week.

eBay Australia chief marketing officer, Julie Nestor said, “We are adopting a similar strategy many traditional bricks and mortar retailers have with both a physical and online presence.

“’We wanted to find a way to showcase our fantastic range of products. We know retail catalogues have long been the way Aussie shoppers prefer to browse and purchase the best deals. We are really excited about bringing together the online shopping and physical worlds.”

eBay’s winter catalogue is being distributed to two million Australian households. The sale event and digital version of the catalogue will be live from 21 May.

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