Audio Pro introduces limited edition speaker

Coincides with anniversary.

Audio Pro has launched its newest speaker, the A40, developed in celebration of the company’s 40th anniversary. The A40 is a limited edition to the Audio Pro family, with only 1,000 individually numbered speakers being produced

The multi-room speaker delivers full-bodied sound from the lowest bass to the highest highs thanks to two exclusive BMRelements handling the treble and mid-range, while two downward facing long throw woofers, combined with dual passive radiators on the sides, are responsible for the bass.

Audio Pro chief sales and marketing officer, Jens Henriksen said, “The objective with A40 was to create a speaker that is compact and stylistically pure enough to be placed fully visible on a table or a windowsill, while it should deliver a sound of absolute top class and be able to fill even bigger rooms. We are proud to say that we have succeeded.”

A40 is designed with an austere aluminium frame that is not only decorative but also serves as a control panel. On the top of the frame, there are five pre-set buttons easily configured to play a radio channel or Spotify playlist. The speaker utilises fabric on the front, back and sides and two sets are included in different shades of grey.

A40 can be a part of a multi-room system via a Wi-Fi-network and is equipped with Bluetooth. There is also the option to connect with a cable to the AUX-input. A40 can be controlled with a smartphone or tablet (iOS/Android) via Audio Pro’s app. It can also be controlled with voice via Amazon Alexa.

A40 is now available from selected retailers for RRP $1,199.99.

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