Radio Rentals to exit QLD, NSW retail businesses

Closure of R.T. Edwards and gedd!t stores.

Radio Rentals will close its 15 R.T. Edwards stores in Queensland and five gedd!t stores in NSW, in addition to exiting its retail and online sales operations in South Australia, by mid-June.

There will be 240 employees affected in total and it has been confirmed that they will receive their entitlements in full, including superannuation and annual leave.

There will be no impact on existing inRent rental contracts. Rental customers will continue to receive the benefits of renting with inRent, including ongoing product servicing and upgrades, and customer obligations under rental contracts are ongoing.

Employees, unions, landlords, suppliers and other business partners all are being notified of the controlled retail store exit.

R.T. Edwards began in 1931 in Ipswich. The Edwards family sold the business to Adelaide-based Radio Rentals in 2008.

Radio Rentals managing director, Nick Palmer commented, “Our success as a family-owned business was built around generations of wonderful employees, valued customers and business partners and a mission to make electrical and home appliances affordable and accessible to more homes and families.

“We look back with pride on our contribution… the jobs we created, the economic growth that we drove and the choice and services we provided to generations.”

Radio Rentals launched the gedd!t branded stores in NSW in 2017

Details of store closures and sales over the next two months will be announced. All gift cards will be honoured or refunded. Customers can stay in touch on the Radio Rentals, RT Edwards and gedd!t websites, call on 1800 199 285 or come into any store for further information.

The South Australian Radio Rentals brand is not associated in any way with Radio Rentals stores owned and operated by the Thorn Group in states other than South Australia.  In South Australia, Thorn Group stores trade as Rentlo Reinvented.


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