LG makes CordZero more versatile

Adds mopping capability.

The new LG A9 Ultimate CordZero handstick vacuum cleaner can vacuum and mop simultaneously thanks to a new Power Drive Mop Nozzle.

The unique rotating mop head attachment incorporates a water storage tank and built in electric water pump in the Power Drive Mop head specifically designed to supply water from the reservoir onto the rotating cleaning pads as it mops and vacuums at the same time.

Users are able to select the preferred level of dampness for the cleaning pads via the flick of a switch on the rear of the cleaning head. Water is supplied at either 6-second or 8-second intervals to vary the dampness level to suit floor type and cleaning intensity required.

LG Australia senior marketing manager – home appliances, Brad Reed said, “Following last year’s launch and success of our 2018 Choice recommended CordZero Handstick range, we have now taken everything that is great about the current CordZero models, and made it even better and more versatile.

“Understanding that many Australian homes feature large areas of hard floor surfaces, from terracotta tiles to natural wood, the damp mopping and vacuuming solution offered by the ‘A9 Ultimate’ is predicted to be a convenient, easy to use and highly effective way to clean a range of floor types around the home.”

Accessories include carpet and bedding nozzles and weighing in at just  2.7kg, the A9 Ultimate is light enough to lift and the telescopic pope means the height can easily be adjusted to clean under the couch, ceiling corners and around skirting boards.

LG will continue to invest in dedicated in-store experiences for its vacuum products as well as a team of dedicated promoters trained to demonstrate the key features and benefits of the premium handstick vacuum range.

The 2019 CordZero handstick vacuum range features five models – the A9 Ultimate (RRP $1,199), A9 Advanced (RRP $1,099), A9 Master 2X (RRP $999), A9 Multi 2X (RRP $899) and A9 Essential (RRP $799).

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