How Sunbeam is saving food and money

With vacuum sealing systems.

Sunbeam is encouraging Australian consumers to waste less and save more with its FoodSaver vacuum sealing machines and vacuum storage containers.

The FoodSaver system can keep food fresh for up to five times longer when compared to storing food in zip-seal bags, foil, cling film and containers.

FoodSaver brand manager, Nicole Norton said the system is suitable for all consumers from celebrated chef or aspiring culinary maestro to an average home cook, as we are all guilty of seeing food spoil.

“There is nothing more frustrating than buying fresh food produce only to have it spoil days later, or forgetting about last week’s leftover.

“FoodSaver is the innovative solution for all Australians’ kitchen dilemmas. It’s an easy and effective food preservation system any Australian family or household can embrace to keep their food fresh, save money and preserve the shelf life of food on a daily basis this holiday season.”

There are two FoodSaver models available, the VS7850 (above) and VS6100 (below), each designed to remove air, oxygen and moisture, and then to seal tight. Accompanied by FoodSaver containers, ideal for storing meats, vegetables, fruit or leftovers to retain flavours, keeping food fresh up to twice as long compared to other non-vacuum storage methods.

The premium VS7850 FoodSaver (RRP $299) has built-in features to preserve food in the fridge, freezer or pantry. It includes an accessory hose compatible with the containers and zipper bags, as well as an automatic marinate program to marinate in minutes instead of hours, a moist foods setting, roll storage and cutter and one touch operation. The VS6100 (RRP $199) makes cutting bags easy with dedicated roll storage and a built-in cutter.

The FoodSaver fresh containers, available from RRP $49.95, are ideal for storing leftovers, lunches, salads, cheese and delicate foods such as berries and biscuits. The “dimple” vacuum seal indicator shows when all air is removed before storage.

Available in three, five, eight, and ten cups, the containers are stackable, and crack, shatter, stain, and odour resistant. Made with a clear BPA free Tritan copolyester material, they are microwave, refrigerator and dishwasher safe.

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