CES 2019: Sennheiser soundbar delivers 3D sound

In all-in-one solution.

The new AMBEO soundbar is the audio specialist’s first foray into the home entertainment speaker category and is an all-in-one solution is for those seeking an immersive 3D experience.

Powered by 13 drivers it delivers the spatial ‘as if there’ experience of a 5.1.4 sound system and powerful bass without the need for additional speakers or an external subwoofer.  It features five different presets – movie, music, sports, news and neutral – tailored to a range of scenarios and content types that adjusts not only frequencies but also the 3D sound characteristics.

Connectivity is via built-in Google Chromecast, Bluetooth and HDMI eARC/CEC. Other connectivity options include three additional HDMI inputs, an optical audio port and AUX (RCA) input. The Smart Control app for iOS and Android adjusts acoustic settings.

The soundbar will be available in May for RRP $3,499.

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