CES 2019: Samsung Family Hub now even smarter

With enhanced features.

Samsung has unveiled the latest Family Hub refrigerator with a new Family Board feature, support for the new Bixby and updated Food Management features. The refrigerator was honored with a CES 2019 Innovation Award.

With the new Family Board, households can post family schedules, attach travel magnets, display children’s artworks using the completely redesigned screen experience. Whiteboard has also been updated with smart calligraphy that can recognize handwriting and a drawing function that can identify the objects.

The 2019 Family Hub supports the new Bixby for users to seamlessly control and monitor other IoT devices and services from the kitchen using voice alone. For example, ask Bixby to search for recipes and Bixby will respond with suggestions, check the weather forecast and if rain is on the forecast, set a reminder to tell the family to take an umbrella. These new features will also be available via automatic update for most previous Family Hub models.

Enhanced Smart View enables users to mirror third-party apps on the Family Hub screen from a Galaxy smartphone. Bixby can also answer calls hands-free.

The updated Food Management feature means users can now search for healthy recipes or present the oven directly from the recipes app, as well as add items to the shopping list or tag items for reminders and expiration dates.

Speaking to Appliance Retailer, head of consumer electronics, Jeremy Senior said, “Taking into consideration the performance of Family Hub and our connected washing machines, it is clear that consumers are buying into the connected story and that they understand the technology is going to help make their life easier.

“We want to make the smart home connection seamless and we want our products to work universally. With our current ecosystem, we know that our products are in around 70% of homes and most consumers have multiple connected devices but they are not unlocking the full benefit of these devices.

“Samsung will be working with its retail partners to help bring that story to life so consumers can better understand what they are buying and how they can enhance their everyday lives.

“It is no longer about education, but rather amplifying the message. There is a clear interest in smart speakers and Australian consumers are early adopters of new technology when compared to other countries around the world. We want to help them understand it further so they can receive more value and ultimately, save time.”


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