Aussie media player Birde takes on CES 2019

Joins other connected play devices.

Australian designed, world-first kids’ media player, Birde, was selected to participate at the TechUp Takeover and Kids and Family Tech Summit, among other innovative brands in connected play, during CES in Las Vegas.

​TechUp​ co-founder and managing partner of Collabsco, Valerie Vacante​ ​says Birde creates experiences that are true to how families live and interact with technology.

“Birde gives kids the freedom to choose stories and content from characters that they know and love while allowing parents the flexibility to shape experiences appropriate for their child.”

Birde CEO Jack Lord added, “We are really excited to be sitting on a global stage at CES 2019 with a company as passionate about age-appropriate tech products for kids as we are.”

Birde is a waterproof music, audiobook and video player specifically designed for preschool age children. It recently launched in Australia and is now available from Bing Lee, Betta Electrical, Leading Edge Group and from the website.

The platform has been developed using interactive NFC (near field communication), cloud-based storage, adaptive streaming bitrates, inductive charging and waterproof, high-quality speakers.

Content comes from a range of providers including ABC Kids, Storybots and Dinosnores with Nickelodeon, Tiptoe Giants and Angie Who signed on to provide content soon.

Birde will be launching in other global markets later in 2019.

Other connected play devices on show during CES included

  • Snow Shine by Immersive Play and Jay@Play, a world-first companion toy of its kind, that can interact with Spotify, YouTube, Alexa and more
  • Nerf Laser Ops Pro by Hasbro that combines blaster play with video game features
  • MekaMon by Reach Robotics, a world-first AR gaming robot
  • Touchscapes by Novalia that augments children’s imagination with sound and voice technologies
  • The Explorers by Unicorn Games, a board game that combines traditional and AR dynamics
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