Smart speaker sales soar 200%

In just four months.

Smart speaker sales in Australia are setting global records, according to the first ever Australian smart speaker study, The Australian Voice Report, published by Versa.

With a 200% increase in uptake among households from July to November this year, over 1.35 million Australian households now have a smart speaker at home and more than one in three consumers are considering purchasing one in the next 12 months.

Google Home is currently the most recognised brand in the market and is leading take-up, followed by Amazon Echo and Apple Homepod.

Once adopted, usage of smart speakers is typically heavy, with around two out of three people using them at least daily. Further, one third of people with smart speakers in their homes, own more than one, with an average of 1.5 speakers per household.

When it comes to common uses for smart speakers, 61% of users most commonly use their device for listening to music and 60% for checking the weather. Other popular uses include the news, movies/TV and smart home applications.

Smart speakers are most commonly used in the lounge room or main living area, followed by the bedroom and then the kitchen.


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