LG front and centre at AI Summit

Shares key insights.

LG was the exclusive sponsor of the ‘LG ThinQ Forum’ and a featured panel speaker at the AI Global Summit conference in New York last week.

The AI Summit is the world’s largest conference to look at the practical implications of AI for enterprise companies and solutions that are transforming business productivity.

LG Silicon Valley Lab senior vice president, Mohammed Ansari shared key AI business insights from the perspective of a consumer product company, explaining LG’s vision of how AI enhances consumer’s lives.

He was joined by global AI experts Mark Brayan, CEO, Appen; Clayton Ching, global head of product management, DRYiCE by HCL Technologies; Catherine Havasi, chief strategy officer, Luminoso; and Dave Parsin, North America vice president, Artificial Solutions.

Convened and sponsored by LG Electronics, the LG ThinQ Forum explores topics related to AI from interior design to quality of life, and how AI will provide a better life at home.

Roundtable experts examine how brands are incorporating AI into everyday home products and how they differ from “smart” technology, hesitations about AI integrations into everyday life, and how AI is improving our lives by making time for things that matter.

“This is an extremely interesting if not pivotal time to discuss how AI is being deployed and leveraged, both in business and at home,” Ansari said.

“The AI Summit brings together some of the greatest business minds and AI leaders from around the world, making this the ideal forum for LG to help lead the dialog about AI’s future in business and at home.”

The AI Summit is a global series of conferences taking place in London, Hong Kong, San Francisco, New York, Cape Town and Singapore throughout the year.


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