Kambo’s placed in voluntary administration

Due to tough retail climate.

After 28 years of operation, Western Australian retailer Kambo’s placed itself into voluntary administration on 8 June, 2018. Cameron Shaw from Hall Chadwick was appointed as Voluntary Administrator.

A statement provided to Appliance Retailer by Peter Kambouris, explained the reasons behind the failure of the business.

“It is with great disappointment that we announce that Kamb Investments Pty Ltd, more commonly known as Kambo’s, has with other businesses placed itself into voluntary administration,” the statement said.

“The tough retail climate that faces Western Australia has taken its toll on this local appliance business that has been operating since 1990.

“The owner wishes to thank his loyal and hardworking staff, his loyal customers (spanning almost three decades) and the belief his suppliers have had in his business.

“He is devastated that after so many years in business that this has been the outcome.”

Whilst taking responsibility for the outcome the owner went on to say that, “the retail economic meltdown in WA as a result of two seasons of mild summers and late winters which has resulted in a significant decline in sales, and the general uncertainty by consumers are the main reasons for winding up the business”.

76 employees and over 550 customers affected

Voluntary administrator, Cameron Shaw confirmed that 76 employees and more than 550 customers were affected by the voluntary administration of Western Australian retailer Kambo’s.

In an exclusive interview with Appliance Retailer, Shaw said of 76 employees affected, 15 of those staff chose voluntary redundancy.

As for the customers, there is good and bad news.

“The 500 affected customers who have paid for goods in full are invited to collect their goods in a staged fashion, if the products are in the warehouse and have been clearly identified. This has commenced and is likely to take up to two weeks.

“Unfortunately, the 60 customers who have put goods onto lay-by are unsecured creditors and may not be able to recover their money. However, suppliers of those products may be able to assist these customers with replacement products on a case-by-case basis.

“There is also $14,000 worth of gift cards. While the business is under liquidation, it is not in a position to honour gift cards.”

Winning Appliances takes over Osborne Park showroom

Winning Group announced that it would take over the lease from the Liebe + Haus store in Osborne Park, Western Australia to open a Winning Appliances Commercial head office and showroom in July.

CEO John Winning said, “The 1,235 square metre commercial showroom on Hutton Street will complement our Winning Appliances retail showroom closely located on King Edward Road. Our continued investment in the WA market will ensure that the local building industry will continue to benefit from our unrivalled experience, local knowledge and our offering of the world’s best appliance brands.”

And gives helping hand to affected customers

Winning Appliances invited customers who made a standard deposit of up to 30% on appliances through Kambo’s or Liebe + Haus to contact any of its three Perth stores – Osborne Park, O-Connor or Joondalup.

“We want to help all customers who have paid money and not received their goods,” CEO, John Winning said. “Any customer who has made a standard deposit of up to 30% on appliances through Kambo’s or Liebe + Haus is welcome to our three stores and we will fully honour those deposits so there is no loss to the customer.”

For customers who have paid in full and not received goods, this will be looked at on a case by case basis. “We will do whatever we can to help financially to at least the same 30% deposit level,” he said.

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