Uniden wired home security now with AI

For added peace of mind.

Uniden’s new wired home security range features AI functionality, cloud back up and remote access with notifications communicated directly to a smart device.

The Guardian GXVR Series also includes advanced detection technology to improve user motion notifications, while featuring intelligence to detect if a certain area of the property has been compromised.

The GXVR Series can accurately detect human faces, capture facial images and trigger recording, while sending a notification to the user via the Uniden app if an unrecognised face is entering the property.

Homeowners with valuables around the property, such as a motorbike or a vehicle parked on the driveway, can set up extra protection using Intrusion Detection Technology. The camera will monitor a pre-defined virtual area and analyse the dimensions of a person entering the space to determine if it is an intruder. The camera will automatically start recording and send a notification to the user informing that an unknown person has been registered in the area.

Frequent travellers, or residents leaving the property empty for long periods of time, can set up a virtual Trip Wire around windows and entry ways. Trip Wire technology allows the camera to send a snapshot notification to the user if unwanted guests are detected walking through the invisible wire.

The Uniden 20 GDVR Series and 55 GXVR Series both include Thermo Sense Technology, a smart heat sensor that detects motion from heat sources, such as people, to avoid common false alarm triggers like curtains or branches moving with the breeze, providing more reliable motion detection notifications.

The Uniden 10 GDVR Series features an ultra-compact DVR system which can be hidden and allow users with limited space to install an affordable, wired home security system, while benefiting from high-end Uniden Guardian technology.

Uniden has also introduced cloud storage across its GXVR 55 Series, creating storage space for footage and facilitating remote viewing from anywhere in the world.


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