Narta signs on Birde

New kids content platform.

Narta has signed on Birde, ​the world-first smart media player for kids, ​as a national preferred supplier​.

The speaker allows children over one year of age to independently listen to music, audiobooks and watch videos. Content comes on hexagonal discs called ‘Birde Seeds’. Children simply tap the Seed against the Birde to listen to their music and audiobooks. Birde can be synced with connected devices such as smart TVs to play video.

Specially curated for young children, content providers include ABC Kids, StoryBots, Dinosnores and Omens Studios to provide quality educational and entertainment for launch with more to come.

Birde CEO Jack Lord ​​said Birde will become a game changer because it enables young children to access technology in a safe and controlled way.

“Children can choose what they want to watch or listen to and parents know it’s completely safe. There is no access to the internet and no advertising,” he said.

Birde general manager – sales and operations, Mark Lee​​ said the partnership ensures Birde can be shared with more Australian families.

“We look forward to working with Narta to ensure Birde is launched across some of Australia’s leading retailers.”

Narta​​ senior category manager – AV and imaging, Alistair Robins said it is good to see an Australian technology company producing an exciting and innovative product.

“There is nothing like this in the Australian market. It allows parents to let their young kids choose their own music, stories or videos in a safe and easy to use product and without the fear of letting them loose on the internet.”

Birde will be available at ​​ and in select retailers for $299. Birde content Seeds will be available exclusively online and will retail from $11.95 a pack.


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