Masters of AEG cooking

A combination of skills.

Appliance specialist AEG held a media lunch at its Sydney headquarters where Mark Best, one of Australia’s leading chefs and AEG ambassador and his apprentice, Brendan Pang, demonstrated their culinary skills.

The two have worked together for a series of cooking master classes that combine Best’s technical background and Pang’s more relaxed style of cooking that has been influenced by his Mauritian heritage. The AEG Taste Mastery campaign comprised three episodes of cooking seafood, meat and vegetables that showcased Australia’s finest produce.

Mark Best and Brendan Pang

The food world is continuing to evolve, according to Best. “It is all about the joining of tradition and technology.” And mentoring has become very important to him. “Brendan is interested, passionate and proficient. One of the highlights of this collaboration has been to marry one of Brendan’s traditional recipes with innovative AEG sous vide and steam cooking technology and create something entirely exciting and new.”

Speaking at the event, Pang, who was a contestant on MasterChef 2018, said he never imagined he would have the opportunity to pursue his passion for cooking and work with Mark Best adding, “I could not pass up on that. This year has been a bit of a culinary adventure for me.  We have crafted a very special menu together which combines the fresh local produce and are thrilled to be able to share these with everyone.”

Each dish that featured on the menu were created on AEGs latest kitchen collection that included the SteamPro steam oven with sous vide function that can be paired with the PrecisionVac  sous vide vacuum sealer drawer for an integrated sous vide and steam cooking system and the 5 zone Hob2Hood induction cooktop.

60cm SteamPro Steam Oven with SousVide function (BSK892330M)

The AEG SteamPro Oven will elevate your cooking to another level whether you’re grilling meats, baking breads, creating delicate desserts or using the SousVide feature to achieve restaurants quality results at home.

  • Advanced multifunction oven boasting 25 cooking functions and three cooking modes – heat, full steam or a combination of both
  • The advanced humidity sensor automatically uses the exact amount of steam needed for perfect taste and texture
  • The Food Sensor will measure the core temperature of your food to let you know when your rare, medium or well-done meat is ready
  • Pair with the AEG PrecisionVac™ SousVide Vacuum Sealer Drawer for an integrated SousVide and steam cooking system

PrecisionVac SousVide Vacuum Sealer Drawer (KDK911423M)

The AEG PrecisionVac™ SousVide Vacuum Sealer Drawer brings a professional cooking method into the home kitchen.

  • The sous vide vacuum sealer drawer prevents oxidisation during the cooking or preserving process to seal in the nutrients, flavour and moisture of food
  • Fully adjustable extraction and functions including vacuum, marinating, sealing and air return
  • Prepare and seal ingredients for your next meal with confidence that your foods’ freshness and flavour will be perfectly preserved until you are ready to cook or reheat pre-cooked meals
  • No need to marinate overnight. The marinating function has a preset time of 8 minutes to save you time in the kitchen
  • Pair with the 60cm SteamPro Steam Oven for an integrated sous vide and steam cooking system

90cm 5 Zone Hob2Hood Induction Cooktop (HKP95510XB)

This Hob2Hood stainless steel rimmed induction cooktop features Flexibridge, ProCook and Stop + Go.

  • Effortlessly control your cooking environment with Hob2Hood smart techology. Pair a compatible rangehood to your cooktop to automatically rid your kitchen of unpleasant cooking odours
  • FlexiBridge allows you to customise your cooking area for larger pots and pans, combining up to 4 segments with consistent and even heat distribution with just one control
  • When you suddenly need to interrupt your cooking, simply activate Stop+Go and all active zones will be switched to keep warm. Once ready, touch the button again and all the zones return to their previous settings

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