Amazon Blueprints enables greater customisation

When using Alexa devices.

Amazon is now inviting customers who own an Alexa-enabled device to create their own personalised skills and responses with Alexa Skill Blueprints.

For example, help your pet sitter care for your furry friend with the Pet Sitter Blueprint by providing responses to questions they may ask such as, “Where is the dog food kept?”. Alternatively, with the Trivia Blueprint, you can create a multiple choice trivia game on any topic.

There is a set question and answer template for users to fill in the blanks. It takes a matter of minutes and no coding experience is required, unlike Amazon Skills designed for the big brands such as National Australia Bank or Virgin Australia.

The skills can be kept specifically for the devices registered to an Amazon account or shared and sent to friends or family by email, Facebook or message.

Amazon Australia and New Zealand country manager for Alexa Skills, Kate Burleigh said, “Alexa Skill Blueprints is an entirely new way for users to create personalised Alexa skills. They don’t need experience building skills or coding to get started—my family created our own jokes skill and it’s been fun to interact with Alexa in this new and personal way.”

To create a personalised Alexa skill and responses, users must:

  1. Visit the Alexa Skill Blueprints website and browse more than 30 Skill Blueprints across four categories including Fun & Games, At Home, Storyteller, and Learning & Knowledge.
  2. Each Blueprint comes with pre-filled content that can be used or customised
  3. With just one click, the skill will be available on all Alexa-enabled devices associated with your Amazon account
  4. To launch the personal skill, use the relevant name chosen, for example “Alexa, open House Guest” or “Alexa, start Dave’s story.”

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