Something new in the BBQ

Thermofilm Australia Pty Ltd is proud to announce the launch of the new Award-Winning Crossray Infra-red range of BBQ’s, available nationally at Harvey Norman.

The design challenge was to create something truly “new” in the BBQ market, to make barbecuing easier, smarter and better… to increase your BBiQ:

  1. Redefine the outdoor gas BBQ so that it can perform exactly like cooking outdoors over a bed of red hot coals
  2. Create an even heat over the entire cooking area, and devise a means to stop any flare ups and be fully controllable
  3. Incorporate a system that will also function as an infrared oven, in the way of a traditional wood fired stove such as the AGA that produces tastier and juicier food
  4. Act as a true multi-function appliance, so the consumer needs only one outdoor appliance that can act as a pizza oven, outdoor oven, long slow smoker and an exceptional BBQ grill



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