Marantz marks anniversary

With limited edition player.

Home entertainment brand Marantz is marking brand ambassador Ken Ishiwata’s 40th anniversary with the release of two limited edition KI-Ruby components, the SA-KI Ruby SACD/CD player and PM-KI Ruby amplifier in a limited run of 1000 units apiece.

Set apart by a laser-etched facsimile of Ishiwata’s signature and a ‘Ruby’ motif atop their front-plates, the new components are designed and tuned by a team led by Ishiwata to deliver outstanding sound.

Ishiwata has been at the heart of the development of the Marantz sound, leading the team responsible for some of the company’s most celebrated products. He introduced the idea of ‘Special Edition’ tuning taking an established product and applying even higher quality components to further enhance performance, and also developed the ‘KI-Signature’ range of CD players and amplifiers.

Most recently he has been working on the flagship SA-10 SACD/CD player and PM-10 amplifier, designed by Marantz as its ‘New Reference’ system.

As well as playing both SACDs and CDs the SA-KI Ruby SACD/CD player has multiple digital inputs, including USB for connection to a computer, and processes digital audio using the company’s single-bit Marantz Musical Mastering MMM-Stream up-conversion and MMM-conversion to produce an analogue output.

The PM-KI Ruby amplifier is an all-analogue design, with a high-resolution preamplifier stage using proprietary HDAM technology, and a switching power amplifier design delivering 100W per channel, derived from the flagship PM-10 amplifier. In addition to line inputs, it employs the newly-developed low-noise Marantz Musical Premium Phono EQ circuit, with both moving coil and moving magnet capability for today’s turntables.

The Marantz SA-KI Ruby and PM-KI Ruby will be available in December of 1000 numbered units (500 black and 500 gold), with a certificate of authenticity. Available separately with an RRP of $7,990 and a five-year warranty.


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