London statues get Samsung makeover

Masterpieces become domestic gods.

Renaissance sculptures and home appliances have come together in a Samsung creative campaign for QuickDrive washing machines in London.

Michelangelo’s David has been recreated wearing briefs, with a shirt flung over his back, as he takes charge of the weekly wash while Rodin’s ‘The Thinker’ poses, deep in contemplation at a washing machine.

The campaign is intended to tease with new research revealing the real reasons behind male reluctance when it comes to domestic chores. It found that 75% of men have little or no idea how to operate the domestic appliances they have at home and the washing machine instils the most fear in men.

The research also showed that 63% of men admitted to being completely stumped when trying to work out washing machine settings and laundry care symbols. When faced with the task of deciphering fabric care label symbols – such as ‘do not tumble dry’ and ‘delicate wet clean’ – men scored worse than women on nine out of 10 questions. And 51% of the men surveyed admitted to having put off a household task because they found the domestic appliance too confusing to use.

Samsung Electronics UK & Ireland, home appliances head of marketing, Ruth Storey said: “We have updated these classic sculptures in a playful bid to remind the public that our home appliances are masterpieces of modern design.”

The new Samsung research provides a fresh take on gender differences when it comes to housework as it appears that men are suffering from ‘FODA’, a male condition involving a fear of domestic appliances, she said.

The statues of Domestic David and The Clean Thinker have been installed at central London locations including One New Change, Kings Cross, Russell Square and Battersea Park.

The campaign is being supported with digital advertising at Piccadilly Circus (pictured below).


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