ILVE cooktop pushes design boundaries

Influenced by global trends.

The latest cooktop from ILVE, the SuperInox, is an example of how stainless steel can be both modern and stylish by challenging traditional appliance design.

ILVE has changed the conventional arrangement of the burners and control knobs to give the cooktop a contemporary appearance while using a classic colour finish. The beveled edges make the cooktop look like it is part of the benchtop, a styling alternative to a flush mounted design.

According to ILVE, appliance designs continue to be fueled by global trends and popular cooking techniques, with the SuperInox housing a dual wok burner so heat and intensity can be more easily controlled.

Made in Italy, the cooktop is constructed from a 4.8mm thick sheet of steel is available from Eurolinx in two sizes, 77cm (RRP from: $2,199) and 90cm (RRP from: $2,499).


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