Google takes two

Handset of the month wins.

Google has taken out the Roy Morgan ‘Customer Satisfaction Monthly Award’ for its mobile handset with a second straight monthly win.

Google’s back-to-back victories are the first for any mobile handset provider, apart from Apple, with consecutive monthly victories in the category since the monthly award began in January 2012.

Roy Morgan CEO, Michele Levine, said Google has proven that its breakthrough victory in for the category in August was no fluke with a follow-up win in September, despite tough competition from Apple and newcomer Oppo.

“The Google phone customer satisfaction rating of 95% was up 1% on a month ago and 3% ahead of long-time winner Apple and newcomer Oppo both on a customer satisfaction rating of 92% in September.

“Google’s first two victories in the category in August and September coincided with the launch of the new Google Pixel 3 and Google Pixel 3 XL early in October. The new third generation Google Pixel includes larger screens than previous generations, an upgraded processor to improve performance and speed and more powerful batteries for longer operating times,” she said.

Although the Apple iPhone is still favoured to take out an eighth Roy Morgan Customer Satisfaction Annual Award for 2018, there is increasing competition in the mobile phone handset category with newcomer Oppo also presenting a new challenge to traditional heavyweights such as Apple and Samsung, Levine said.

“Chinese-owned Oppo entered the Australian market in late 2014 and is now the seventh most widely owned mobile phone handset behind industry leaders including Apple and Samsung, but ahead of Motorola and Sony.”

The high customer satisfaction ratings for Google phones and Oppo are providing a renewed level of competition in an industry that has been dominated by Apple and Samsung for nearly a decade. The Samsung Galaxy was first released in June 2009 following the initial release of the first Apple iPhone two years earlier in June 2007.


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