Stick vacs and robotics drive SDA market

According to GfK data.

The global small domestic appliance (SDA) market experienced an increase of 7% in value to 21.8 billion Euro ($35.23 billion) for the first half of 2018, with over 40% of growth attributed to cordless handstick vacuum cleaners.

The strongest growth region for SDA is Asia Pacific (APAC) with sales up 13% to 9.5 billion Euro ($15.4 billion). The growth was driven by handstick vacuums (56%), robotic vacuums (32%) and blenders (25%) as convenience continues as an important factor in the market.

Dangerous levels of air pollution in some major cities and a higher awareness of allergies means consumers are more concerned about the quality of air they breathe. As a result, sales of air cleaning appliances saw 8% revenue growth over the past year.

Connectivity is becoming more important to the SDA market. The market share of connected appliances increased by 75% in value to 1.2 billion Euro ($1.94 billion) in the first half. This was mainly impacted by robotic vacuum cleaners and smart air cleaners.


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