Miele washer stands the test of time

Still going strong.

Hobart psychologist, Jane Wilson has a long association with the Miele brand, appreciating the environmental sustainability of an appliance that has stood the test of time, in her case, 40 years.

In 1982, Wilson’s mother presented her with a Miele washing machine to make her busy life juggling three young daughters more manageable. It was only this year, after almost 40 years of use, that the machine – still in working order – was replaced with another Miele washer.

“I doubt my late mother could ever have imagined her gift would still be working perfectly after all this time,” she said. “The washing results were fantastic. I am a lover of fine clothes and own a lot of linen and cashmere and I would throw all my clothes into my Miele washing machine on a delicate or wool cycle and never had a problem, with perfect results every time. I didn’t and still don’t hand-wash anything.”

The washer is not her only Miele appliance. Also in the household is a Miele dryer of 33 years standing, a 12 year-old refrigerator and a Miele dishwasher bought in 2012.

Wilson’s time working in development aid has given her greater insight and appreciation of product lifecycles and the value of technical support. “It concerns me that today we are a society that throws things away. I try to live carefully, not waste money and buy things that are going to last and not turn into landfill. A gutsy and well-designed brand, Miele fits that.”


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