KitchenAid kicks off national roadshow

Present new products, marketing plans.

KitchenAid kicked off its national roadshow in Sydney last week and moved to Adelaide this week with over 50 retail staff from key retail partners at each event. There will be additional events held in Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Hobart and New Zealand in the coming weeks.

During the event, KitchenAid shared its go-to-market plan for the remainder of 2018 including consumer promotions and media activity.

“We have had a very strong turn out with an engaged audience who were keen to learn about KitchenAid products as well as new launches,” marketing director, Filiz Bensan said.

Key highlights included the debut of the new limited edition 100 year commemorative stand mixer and sifter scale attachment. “We are very excited by the response we received to these new products and have no doubt that they will be on the Christmas must-have gift shopping list,” Bensan said.

The new food processor range was also on show. “The KitchenAid R&D team did a lot of work in understanding consumer needs in terms of performance and functionality. The new range brings innovation into the category by making the consumer interface much easier to use. Everything is built around easy to use, easy to clean and easy to store,” she said.

“The roadshow is a key initiative as it allows us to engage with our retail partners by showcasing our product innovation and share our approach and philosophy to product development. It is imperative for us to communicate the context and framework for our product launches and how we approach the category, which is firmly entrenched in intimately understanding the consumer user experience.

“Equally important is the opportunity to connect with our retail partners to train and empower them with product knowledge and information to support their customers. This is becoming increasingly important as consumers do more research online and the in-store personnel become key in influencing the final purchase decision.

“We look forward to making this event a great success and supporting all our retailers as we enter the busiest trading period.”


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