Jura introduces first coffee machine with AI

Premieres at IFA.

Jura presented the next generation of its Z6 coffee machine incorporating artificial intelligence (AI) at IFA in Berlin. This machine accompanied the debut of the ENA 8 and ENA 8 Signature coffee machines.

Speaking to Appliance Retailer, Jura product manager, Martin Wullschleger said, “With AI, users just start drinking their favourite coffee and the start screen will be adjusted according to preferences as it learns drinking behaviour. It will then show your top four coffee recipes on the first screen. A new professional aroma grinder has been integrated into the machine that produces more aroma thanks to a newly shaped conical grinder and it produces less noise.”

Jura Australia managing director, George Liakatos commented, “The Z-Line has been one of our most successful product lines since the early 2000s. It has long been the flagship of our premium segment and in 2014 when the first Z6 launched it totally redefined the category with its supreme coffee quality and intuitive operation.

“This new iteration of the Z6 is again another step up taking ease of use to the next level with the very first coffee machine on the market integrating artificial intelligence to customise user preferences intuitively. We cannot wait for its arrival in Australia as we are confident it will redefine the premium automatic coffee experience.”


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