Bi-Rite celebrates 20 years at national conference

Reflects on company history and looks to the future.

Bi-Rite Home Appliances was host to over 170 members and trade partners at its fifth annual conference in Cairns, north Queensland, where the Group also celebrated 20 years in business and since joining the Narta buying group.

At the opening address to Bi-Rite members, general manager, Abdul Kayum Sacur reflected on how the Group was established and its expansion to 87 stores around the country.

“In 1989, Abdul Senior purchased an existing Betta Electrical store in Caboolture, Queensland, marking his entry into the retail industry.

“In 1993, the Group grew to five store locations in Queensland.

“In 1998, the decision was made to separate from Betta stores. Bi-Rite was born and found its home at Narta.

“In 2002, Bi-Rite evolved to a buying group model, selling off company-owned stores.

“In 2006, Bi-Rite acquired over 20 Betta Stores Members.

“In 2008, the GFC hit but Bi-Rite survived through a low cost of doing business.

“From 2012 to 2015, a number of major electronic retailers went out of business, including Retravision where we acquired over 30 new stores.

“2015 was a year of significant change for Bi-Rite with the launch of a new brand image and slogan, as well as a larger focus on marketing and product offering.

“Now in 2018, we are here celebrating 20 years of Bi-Rite. Our head office team has expanded with the appointment of Kong Luc from The Good Guys as AV and SDA category manager and Emma Carter has taken on the role of marketing coordinator.”

As for the future direction of the business, AK Sacur said sales training and customer satisfaction will be two focus areas over the next 12 to 18 months.

“The customer of today is very different to even five years ago,” he said. “The customer journey is evolving and we need to keep adapting and improving in order to remain on the customer shopping list.

“Everyone on the shop floor needs to be empowered to sell and this means they need to be equipped with the skill set to engage. As a result, in 2019, sales training will be a part of strategy meetings and conferences.

“There is also opportunity to further capitalise on customer satisfaction and we will be going back to basics with automated emails post-purchase for product ratings and sales feedback.

“I am confident this will deliver increased add-on sales, increased ‘back up plan’ (warranty) attachment rates and positively portray how much we value our customers.”

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