Onkyo announces firmware update

Deezer supports AV products.

Onkyo  has  released  a  firmware  update  that adds  Deezer  streaming music services to  its  range  of AV  receivers  and  network  audio  devices.  Subscription-based Deezer  has access  to  a  library  of  more  than  53  million  songs.

On  top  of  the  existing  tiers  of  Deezer  service,  the  firmware  update  will  also  enable  access  to   Deezer  Hi-Fi,  for  users  to  enjoy  CD  quality and  lossless  16bit  /  44.1kHz)  FLAC  music  files,  with  36 million tracks currently available.

Deezer  Hi-Fi  includes  the  Flow  functionality, been curated by music lovers and allows users  to  listen  to  a  personalised  playlist  based  on  listening  tastes.  Flow also introduces selected new songs as well  as  favourite  soundtracks.  The  more  the feature is used,  the  better  it  becomes  at  understanding  the  listener’s  taste for delivering a  constant  flow  of  music  throughout  the  day.

More Onkyo models will feature the firmware update at a later date including the new AV receivers, TX-RZ830 and TX-RZ73, due for release in September.

Onkyo is distributed in Australia by Amber Technology.


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