LG opens AI research lab

In North America.

LG Electronics is poised to define the future of artificial intelligence (AI) for consumers and businesses with the establishment of a major new AI research presence in North America in collaboration with leaders in academia and start-ups.

The launch of the LG Electronics AI Research Lab in Canada, an extension of the newly expanded LG Silicon Valley AI Lab in Santa Clara, California supports LG’s vision of AI as a key future growth engine.

In addition, LG is entering into a five-year, multi-million-dollar research partnership with the University of Toronto, recognised worldwide for its AI and machine learning expertise, particularly in the area of deep learning.

“AI will ultimately touch everybody’s lives, transforming the way we live, work and play,” LG Electronics president and chief technology officer, Dr. I.P. Park said.

“Early implementations of AI in connected devices today are setting the stage for tomorrow’s smart cities, smart homes, smart businesses and smart devices, all with capabilities that no one has even dreamed of yet.

“AI solutions based on deep learning will revolutionize how we interact with the world around us, in new seamless ways that use contextual data from things like biometrics, emotions, gestures and of course voice.”

He went on to explain the three main pillars of LG’s AI strategy:

“The first is the ability to evolve with time, so the more you use our products, the better they evolve to meet your specific needs. The second is the ability to integrate AI into diverse touchpoints ― to have a seamless, consistent user experience across the entire LG product portfolio, from connected appliances and TVs to connected cars and smartphones. The third is openness; our strategy is to provide the best AI experience for LG customers, leveraging the complementary capabilities of leading partners across the ecosystem.”


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