Beurer wins two awards

Presented in Germany.

Beurer has been named the Most Innovative Brand in Health and Personal Care for the eighth consecutive time and the Best Brand in Body Care for the first time.

Beurer Head of Marketing, Kerstin Glanzer, accepted both awards in Bonn from the Plus X President Award Donat Brandt.

“Brand management and brand strategy are more important than ever in order to successfully get a company off the ground. Consumers want to be able to identify with the products and automatically connect with the brand as a result,” Glanzer said.

“The fact that we have been awarded the prize for a second time shows that we have achieved this and that we are staying on the pulse of what our customers want in terms of innovation and quality.”

Beurer started with the development and sale of electric heat pads. Almost 100 years later, the company has grown into a worldwide brand with over 500 products and self-developed Beurer apps.


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