Beko cooking specialist says in-store training is key

To build passion for product.

Beko recently appointed Eddie Gaymer to the newly created role of National Cooking Sales Specialist for Australia and New Zealand. In his role, he will drive focus into the cooking sector and ensure retailers are providing the best cooking products for their customers.

Gaymer will also play a key part in delivering in-depth training on all cooking products to Beko staff and retail staff for in-store product demonstrations, highlighting the advanced technology in Beko’s cooking range.

When asked about features that make Beko stand out from its competitors, Gaymer named three key key elements – capacity, side venting and cleaning functionality.

“With structural changes to our oven cavity, the usable volume has been increased to 94 litres with the possibility of using six different shelf levels – one of the largest oven cavities in a standard oven in its class,” he said.

“Side Venting functionality means hot air is blown through ventilation holes located on the side of the cavity into the centre, in addition to the hot air coming from the back of the oven.

“Aside from standard and eco self-cleaning functions on Beko pyrolytic ovens, there is a steam shine program in the combi steam model. Our ovens doors are coated with nano-coating technology that saves the hassle of scrubbing to remove residue, as it resists the dirt and grime.”

Gaymer works with Beko retail partners to encourage them to seek further information and have access to training material and people they can email or call to ask any further questions.

“Cooking is a purchase that can take a long decision process as it is usually at a time when we are building or renovating our kitchens and we value the advice of the sales person when making that decision. So making sure that sales people are armed with as much knowledge as possible not just in the features and benefits of our products but the how and why, the results you can produce and how to achieve them, makes them more confident to direct customers to and talk about our brand.

“It is all about helping them build a passion for the product and cooking in general, so when they are selling our products they are engaging the customer and then the customer can’t wait to get home and try it for themselves.”


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