Winning Group repositions company strategy

Via new website.

Winning Group has relaunched its website to demonstrate the growth and success the company has achieved over the last century and reflects its mission to provide the best shopping experience in the world.

Winning Group CEO, John Winning said, “We are delighted to not only be launching our new website but also introducing our purpose; we say yes in a no world. Being a purpose-led business means that we find unique and smart solutions, rather than applying brute force.

“In a highly competitive environment, this is key to succeeding. We are not just a retail company, we are a technology, logistics and customer service engine that happens to sell appliances. Together with our 700 plus team members, we reimagine what it means to deliver exceptional customer experiences, day in and day out.

“We lead, we innovate and we invest seriously in R&D. There’s no other retailer in the world doing the things we are doing and we are proud to lead the industry with a Net Promoter Score of over 80.

“A repositioning strategy based on neuroscience, this is the first time that all our businesses – Appliances Online, Winning Appliances, Winning Services and Home Clearance – the company values and the team as a whole are represented under our new purpose and presence.”

Winning Group chief strategy officer, Katharina Kuehn said over the last 12 months, the company embarked on a mission to create a brand that better matches the company as a whole.

“We assessed with our team how they perceive the business, who they are and what matters to them in their work. Purpose, progress and first principles – we found these are the rules we live by; traits we have had for 113 years. That means we don’t determine our strategy by way of analogy or live by the rules of others in our industries.

“Today’s disruptive changes in the market require strategic action for businesses to survive and thrive. We believe that our new positioning reflects how we aim to achieve our mission to provide the best shopping experience in the world.”

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