LG shares key kitchen trends

Era of the smart home.

LG Australia has shared some kitchen design trends that suggest that matte black appliances and the connected home have become the latest options for consumers looking to design or remodel their kitchen.

While kitchen appliances are best known for coming in variations of white and grey stainless steel, to give a kitchen added edge and sleekness, appliances are now embracing black stainless steel and matte black finishes, according to LG. This is intended to either offset the white of a kitchen, or bring the colour scheme down if there is a darker colour palette. The LG InstaView refrigerator comes in both black stainless steel and matte black to highlight this, putting emphasis on premium, high-end appliances.

In 2018, connectivity has become the focal point of appliances and the concept of a smart home is coming to fruition and will soon become the new standard.  Connectivity revolutionises the way consumers can communicate and interact with their appliances by taking much of the human legwork out of the equation. Part of this includes having remote access to the appliances through a smartphone. The LG InstaView refrigerator is an example of this technology, utilising the LG Smart ThinQ app to remotely adjust temperature settings and provide the user with notifications, such as when the fridge door has been left open.

According to LG, renovators and trendsetters are purchasing their appliances first and then designing their kitchen around them. This is a stylistic move for a modern kitchen, as it means that appliances can fit snugly into alcoves without protruding from the cabinets and taking up unnecessary space.


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