LG commercial displays put on show

At innovation centre.

LG Electronics Australia will re-open its Business Innovation Centre in Sydney’s Surry Hills that invites visitors and customers to experience LG’s premium commercial display technology, including OLED, Surface-Mounted LED, Ultra Stretch and 86-inch Ultra HD screens.

LG has designed the Business Centre to resemble the various commercial environments for which its screens have been designed. This includes airports and public transport stops, quick service restaurant (QSR) and retail settings, as well as an area simulating the environment in a hotel room to showcase commercial TV hardware and software. Additionally, LG’s suite of high performance medical displays will be on show at the Business Centre.

LG senior marketing manager, Russ Prendergast said, “This is a fantastic new space that really enables our customers to not only inspect our latest display technology, but also to experience what that technology can look like when installed in the context of their own unique requirements.

“Businesses decision-makers understand that customer experience is critical for success. Whether your business is using display technology for wayfinding, entertainment or promotion, LG has a broad range of product to suit your customer needs.”

The Business Centre will also host training and conference events, as well as providing system integrators a setting to demonstrate product operability to their customers.


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