Harvey Norman Commercial ready to sell homes of the future

Thanks to deal with Quantify Technology.

The Harvey Norman Commercial Division (HNCD) has opened its demonstration suite in Sydney’s south at Rosebery fitted out with Quantify Technology product for residential and commercial construction projects.

Quantify Technology is an Australian-based company that has created simple to install, affordable Internet of Things devices. Its Q Device replaces standard power outlets and light switches to provide energy management and reporting, voice-enabled control and interaction (with Amazon Alexa integration), and real-time evaluation of environmental and risk factors for building occupants.

In October 2017, HNCD signed an agreement with Quantify Technology for development projects throughout the ACT and NSW. HNCD agreed to develop a demonstration facility to showcase the residential application, scalability and flexibility of the company’s framework.

HNCD smart home automation manager, Kris Leffler said the platform has shown the company the gold standard of the future. “Quantify Technology has developed the must-have solution for new and existing construction. We will only continue to expand and enhance technology innovations for our commercial partners and consumers.”

Quantify Technology managing director, Mark Lapins added, “Working with Australian icons like Harvey Norman is an honour, especially when they set trends and exceed expectations in the Australian market and beyond.”


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