Smeg CEO names EuroCucina best appliance fair

With design and fashion approach.

Smeg CEO Vittorio Bertazzoni has described EuroCucina as the leading appliance show in the world.

EuroCucina, which is being held this week for the 22nd time in Milan, is an exhibition held every two years in conjunction with the Salone del Mobile furniture and design exhibition.

“In my opinion, for appliances EuroCucina is the number one trade fair,” Bertazzoni told Appliance Retailer.

Smeg CEO Vittorio Bertazzoni and Smeg Australia managing director, Jim Kalotheos on the Smeg stand at EuroCucina 

“Compared to IFA, which is also very important, but has a different and more technology-driven approach, EuroCucina is more about design, about fashion and about Italy and Milan – making it very much a European exhibition.

“This year EuroCucina has doubled the space and this is very impressive. There are many more appliance brands, but it is good to see what everybody is doing and this makes the exhibition very interesting. Always here at EuroCucina, you bring novelties and new products and we at Smeg have brought a lot of new products to this exhibition.

New Portofino prototypes on the Smeg stand at EuroCucina

“In our 70th year, this is a good way to celebrate with such a great range of new products at the exhibition. I am looking forward to coming to Australia to celebrate the 70th birthday with our retailers. We have a special program of launches throughout the year – virtually every month we are going to launch something new to the retailers.

“For us, being an Italian company and being here in Milan is something really special and we always try our best. The Smeg and Dolce & Gabbana collaboration for example is a perfect combination of the four things that Italy is famous for – fashion, design, art and of course food as clearly with appliances you cook.

New Smeg FAB 28 refrigerator colours at EuroCucina 2018

“I am proud of these products because it is a different way of making appliances – it is a very artisan way with handmade techniques and this is different and it is beautiful. I am in love with Sicily and it is my favourite getaway when I am in Italy – I love the Sicilian culture and we share with Dolce & Gabbana the view that beauty can be everywhere – it can be in appliances, it can be in Sicily – it can be everywhere.”

The fragrant jasmine wall along one side of the Smeg stand at EuroCucina 2018

A full overview of the new products released by Smeg at EuroCucina will be published in the Appliance Retailer newsletter on Friday.

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