1 in 3 shoppers dissatisfied with in-store experience

According to recent study.

More innovation is required to enable retailers to meet the demands of today’s savvy consumers, with only two-thirds of consumers satisfied with the overall in-store shopping experience, according to a recent shopper study from Zebra Technologies.

“While shopping satisfaction has improved over the last decade, retailers must accelerate the pace of change or risk losing sales and market share,” the study said. “Consumers have become less tolerant of long time retail pain points that fail to meet their on-demand shopping needs.”

Of the surveyed shoppers, 44% remain dissatisfied with staff availability and customer service in-store, and this number increases to 55% for online.

Consumers cite out-of-stock merchandise, difficulty finding an item and unclear pricing and discounting as the leading causes of in-store shopping dissatisfaction. They expect retailers to offer solutions such as store staff equipped with mobile computers to locate inventory, provide options like free home delivery of out-of-stock items, and expedite checkout, the study found.

“Consumers are also looking to retailers to add curation, inspiration and customisation to the multichannel shopping experience that transforms the customer-retailer dynamic from merely transactional to service-driven and personalised,” the study said.

For example, value assisted-selling technologies that record purchase history to deliver customised product offers and tailored discounts.


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