Winning Group rebrands Handy Crew

To reflect leading customer service.

Winning Group has rebranded its delivery, installation and warehousing service from Handy Crew to Winning Services and launched the Winning Services website.

Winning Group CEO, John Winning said, “The new Winning Services brand has been designed to proudly reflect the outstanding customer experience and industry leading Net Promoter Score, which our incredible warehouse, delivery and installation teams provide to our customers every single day. The Winnings Services brand now more effectively expresses our core value proposition of legendary care.

“The level of care and efficiency that our service team take to deliver, install and handle bulky good replacement items is like no other. Winning Services has a significantly higher Net Promoter Score than the average for Australian logistics companies who have an average of -2. Winning Services reached a high of 80 in 2017 and 85% of our customers rating us a 9 or 10 out of 10.

“In an increasingly competitive retail market, logistics plays a vital role in securing a customer’s repeat business. Retailers who provide an exceptional end-to-end customer experience will succeed. The Winning Group has more than a century’s experience in providing excellent service and over the past decade, we have invested in developing our national distribution network to ensure successful last mile delivery.”

The launch of Winning Services involves rebranding of the national fleet and warehouses around the country, as well as new uniforms for delivery, installation and warehouse staff within the next three months.

Winning Group chief strategy officer, Katharina Kuehn commented, “The purpose of our new brand is to reflect that in an industry full of painful delivery experiences, we actually care about our customer’s experience and go above and beyond to impress every customer. The choice of using our Winning ‘W’ in the shape of two hearts in the logo and personalised customer testimonials on all trucks are reflective of the level of customer care, commitment and attention to detail that our service teams provide.”

Key features of the Winning Services business includes:

  • Servicing 98% of the nation with our own fleet of trucks and delivery teams
  • Free, next day delivery for all Winning Group brands
  • National warehouse network with five warehouses around Australia
  • Fully qualified installation team
  • Servicing Winning Group brands and selected 3PL partners

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