Samsung confirms launch of game-changing washing machine

With unique technology.

Samsung has confirmed that its QuickDrive washing machine will be available in the Australian market from the end of March, although further details regarding pricing and availability is yet to be announced.

QuickDrive – initially unveiled at IFA in Berlin – significantly reduces load times and with its Super Speed setting, a daily load can be completed in 39 minutes without comprising on washing performance and energy efficiency.

This is made possible by its unique Q-drum that consists of the main drum and back plate that work independently of one another and therefore, clothes are moved from top to bottom, as well as back and forth.

The QuickDrive washing machine is supported by an AI-powered app, Q-rator that allows users to manage laundry by selecting a finish time for the cycle with the Laundry Planner feature or obtain recommendations for optimal wash cycles based on colour, fabric and degree of soiling thanks to the Laundry Recipe feature.

Furthermore, HomeCare Wizard monitors the washing machine and alerts users of potential problems then provides troubleshooting support. The machine also features AddWash for users to add items during the cycle.

Samsung Electronics Australia director of home appliances, Jeremy Senior said, “We are looking forward to introducing QuickDrive technology in 2018. With two independent motions, the revolutionary technology has been designed to cut washing time by up to 50%. Coupled with our intelligent laundry assistance, Q-rator and AddWash door this is a game-changer in laundry appliances.”

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