New Asko products launched by Shaynna Blaze

At exclusive event.

Asko Australia ambassador and interior designer Shaynna Blaze launched the new range of Asko laundry and dishwashers at her studio in Melbourne this week.

The Asko laundry range, initially launched to a select group of Australian retailers in Stockholm last year and described as the “best ever”, is now available in the local market.

The launch event, held at Shaynna Blaze’s studio in Hawthorn, was also attended by executives from Asko Australia, Asko China as well as over 50 employees from E&S Trading stores in Victoria including managing director, Rob Sinclair.

Rob Sinclair (e&s), Shaynna Blaze and Crt Prasnikar (Asko Australia)

Blaze, who also works on television programs Selling Houses Australia and The Block, shared her thoughts on the brand and the new products after recently visiting the Asko head office in Stockholm.

“Design has changed so rapidly and the hunger of knowledge from clients and designers is huge,” she said.

Asko Australia team: Rob Butchatsky, Kristy Dalton, Shaynna Blaze, James Vogdanos, Crt Prasnikar and Owen Holbourn

“The user friendly application and the simplicity is what appeals to me about the new Asko range, as well as its ease of integration from an interior design perspective. One of the revolutionary things in the washing machines and the dryers are the paddles which means that your sheets will no longer come out of your machine in a knot and I think that is a great end-user function.”

Blaze also shared her thoughts on the contemporary use of laundry products within modern interior design within households.

Chris Gerdes (e&s) and Shaynna Blaze 

“We have traditionally had laundries in our homes as a big separate area, but that is not so much the case anymore. To make contemporary laundries more functional, you need to look at utilising a secondary space as they can take up too much of a footprint. The integration of laundries into kitchens and bathrooms more shows we are taking on that European mentality.”

Shaynna Blaze and Gail Robbins (e&s Ashburton)

e&s team at the Asko event

Leon Terglav (Asko China) and James Vogdanos (Asko Australia)

Omar El-Aridi (Asko Australia) demonstrating the new laundry range

Asko Quattro Suspension system demonstration 

Hands-on with the new laundry range 

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