Motorola Solutions moves into video surveillance

In acquisition deal.

US communications provider Motorola Solutions has entered into an agreement to purchase Canadian surveillance group Avigilon. One of the leading suppliers of professional video surveillance equipment, Avigilon is estimated to hold over 2% of a global market worth $15.4 billion according to international research firm, IHS Markit.

The planned acquisition suggests Motorola is increasing its activity in the wider public safety market, moving beyond it emergency communications focus of the past, IHS Market analyst Jon Cropley said. “City surveillance is an important element of public safety and equipment revenue has been growing faster in the city than in the rest of the market,” he said.

IHS Markit estimated Motorola held approximately 7% of the nearly $5 billion command and control technologies and services market in 2017, making it the largest supplier to this market.

Motorola Solutions succeeded Motorola, Inc., following the spinoff of the mobile phone division into Motorola Mobility in 2011.


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