CES 2018: LG to roll out AI across product portfolio

TVs, washing machines and more.

In 2017, the entire LG product portfolio became Wi-Fi enabled. This year, the company is taking connectivity a step further with artificial intelligence (AI) under its new ThinQ brand. This allows products to learn behavioural patterns to meet individual needs faster and better, and provide a more seamless consumer experience.

Products will communicate with one another using LG’s AI technology, DeepThinQ, as well as AI technologies from other partners, such as Google and Amazon. DeepThinQ 1.0 was developed in 2017 with the establishment of the LG Artificial Intelligence Lab in Korea. There will also be ProActive Service built into the appliances that will detect any issues before they occur.

Speaking at the LG press conference, LG Electronics chief technology officer, Dr I.P. Park (pictured) said, “Technology is evolving at exponential speed. Smart home and connectivity are at the core of digital transformation. More specifically, big data, IoT, cloud services and of course, artificial intelligence (AI). Today we introduce LG’s global AI brand, LG ThinQ. It represents LG’s commitment to think about the user in all that we do. It also represents LG’s products and solutions that think to provide intelligent services. ThinQ will completely change the way we use our products.

“LG ThinQ has three core characteristics. Firstly, the ability to evolve over time – the more you use our product, the more it will meet your specific needs. All of our products are 100% Wi-Fi enabled and IoT ready so this together with our AI technology can provide unique and practical value each and every day. The second characteristic is the ability to integrate AI into a diverse portfolio of everyday products. The third characteristic is the openness – our philosophy is to provide the best experience, whether it comes from us our external partners.”


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