CES 2018: Belkin unveils Boost Up wireless charging solutions

Home, car and commercial use.

Belkin unveiled its 2018 portfolio of wireless charging solutions for home, in-car and commercial applications, for the first time at this month’s CES in Las Vegas. The charging solutions are designed for Apple, Samsung and other Qi-enabled devices.

Belkin general manager and vice-president, Steve Malony said, “This year we are taking our extensive knowledge of consumer trends, expected changes in charging behavior, and experience building the best wireless charging and mobile power products to the next level.

“From our vantage point of being first and best to market, we expect to see a race to deliver wireless charging products given the spike in adoption in 2017. Our focus remains on delivering a cohesive, seamless, convenient and optimal mobile power experience for the consumer – whether they are at home, at work, or on the go.

“We are confident that our continued focus on people-inspired design, user testing and prototyping processes, strict adherence to compliance and safety, manufacturing, and warranty programs will keep us in the number one position to provide the highest quality products to consumers around the world.”

Belkin booth at this year’s CES in Las Vegas

The range includes the Boost Up wireless charging pads and stands (pictured below) with 10 watt output charge and power adapter included.

The Boost Up wireless charging car mount supports dash or window mounting that can be adjusted to accommodate different phone sizes. It maintains full device functionality including use of Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth, LTE and other forms of data consumption, and has an extra USB port for additional charging option.

The Boost Up dual wireless charging pad boasts 10 watt output charge on each side for faster wireless charging to two devices at the same time, while Qi technology brings convenience to charging devices and batteries. Lastly, the Boost Up wireless charging system is a commercial-grade wireless charging system for public applications, such as conference rooms, retail, restaurants, with versatile mounting options including top-mount, flush-mount, or sub-surface mount.


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